Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Mother-in-laws Chair

The Original Chair 
So my mother in law was giving away her living room furniture and I had been hunting for a chairs with the same arms as my ikea couch for a while.  Her chair is by a big name so it's well made, but worn out. I planned to recover the chair for over a year, but really got a bug as my son's 5th birthday approaches.  I cannot stand paying $12. per yard for nice fabric it makes me crazy so I keep my eyes open for cheap fabric when I can find it.  I was in Ikea looking through the "as is" department in this area they have tons of covers for chairs and couches they sell because the covers are mostly changeable which is why I love their stuff.  I found the Ectorp cover but just the base in black and white.  That is to say if you have a typical sofa and take off the six pillows three under butt and three back and you are left with what is covering the arms and skirt and back, they had just this piece for a large sofa.   Black and white all the trend right now for 3.99.  Haaa! more my speed so I decided I am going to cover the whole chair with this.  And I did....
The bottom and patched
side of the cushion
So deconstructing the cover was terrifying because essentially I took it apart.   Not completely though.  First I seam ripped along the back end where the arm meets the back on one side only.  And along the front where the skirt is sewn to the arm on one side only.  Then I cut and re sewed to fit the chair.  The extra fabric I used to cover the back of the chair and the cushion.  the only area I had to piece together was around the seat cushion but its an area you will never see.  The bottom of the seat I used extra fabric so  I could never flip the cushion but hey $3.99!  
The Finished Chair is just what I wanted and was willing to pay a lot more for. 
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