Friday, July 9, 2010

The First Post

The reason I decided to create this blog is because I am a copycat.  I do this every day. I hate to admit it, but I happen to think I may have something worth writing about.  I find something in a magazine or on TV or what have you, and I copy it.  This could be a recipe a design or some type of craft.  

Typically the husband is shaking his head saying why, why do you want to MAKE that?  When you could buy it... Well it is who I am, I obtain things free or nearly free and I turn them into useable desired things that I have made.  As for recipes, I like to take the recipe and change it to make it meat and dairy free.  He is usually pretty pleased with the results, and typically so am I.  I guess you can say this is my very own blog to show the day to day things that I create. 

I also have a cake blog that I keep separate,  I do not spend too much time adding any writing to that site because I let it serve as a digital photo album for clients.  Where they can see my work and see their cakes showcased.  My cakes may or may not be displayed here, I guess it depends on how artful I feel it is. 

Finally, to clarify, my cakes are  not always vegan.  They can be, I choose not to since most of my clients are not looking for that.  I do this as an art form, a release, if you will of my creativity.  Therefore I go for what my client is looking for.  That being said please hold your comments about using animal products in this venue.  I vegan-ize recipes because I enjoy eating that way. I happen to think I am still pretty good changing recipes over.   

In close of this very first post, I would like to say to the zero followers that I have, welcome!  Maybe you will find me, maybe you won't, but follow me if you like it, and don't forget my other blog too.  I am now dubbing myself The Copycat Kid.  

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