Friday, July 9, 2010

Pottery Barn Mirror

I love this mirror from pottery barn.  It stopped me in my tracks when flipping through the catalog.  I have a room with high ceilings that makes me nuts for wall pieces and this could work.  The wheels began to turn...
Guess how much ... $699.00
yeah well um ... the wheels turn harder
I COULD MAKE IT  -- (husbands eyes roll)

So I found some mirrors or similar ones at Ikea for if I remember correctly 5 bucks ish - they had them at walmart too but, well I went with Ikea bought four packs.  They come four to a pack.  A thin piece of wood painted brown used the wood graining tool for some dimension and stuck the mirrors on with the provided stickies. We screwed the board directly to the wall into a stud before adding the last couple of mirrors.  Sorry about the grainy picture its late.  But it looks nice and best part I got to make the size I wanted.  Oh and better part I paid about $25 bucks


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